Spec Ops Gun Oil

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    Spec Ops Gun Oil is a multi-function gun oil. It is an American product made from a unique blend of specially formulated synthetic wax and the finest quality lubricating fluids. Designed to produce the optimum properties of penetration, anti-corrosion, and anti-wear. Spec Ops Gun Oil penetrates deep into corroded or rusted areas breaking up corrosion and coating all surfaces to ease breakout of frozen parts.

    Why it's good for firearms:

    Hint: Penetration and Protection

    Search and destroy rust and corrosion

    It will penetrate deep into the firearm to dislodge rust and corrosion from gunpowder residue and oxidation.

    Protective Wax

    It will form a protective layer of wax on exposed surfaces to prevent moisture and gunpowder from attacking the metal.

    Extremely Long Lasting Lubrication 

    It doesn't dry out and loses lubrication.

    Manufactured to the highest quality

    A unique blend of specially formulated wax

    Designed to lubricate metals in high-stress conditions


    Engineered to perform with reliability.

    ISO 9001 Manufacturing Quality

    Manufactured by Huskey in Norco, California USA